The sites of those who help promote and/or support my music.

Please visit them.

Fletcher Publishing  

I'd like to thank Sal Norris at Fletcher Publishing.

For promoting and supporting my music from the very beginning, you have my thanks, Sal. 

Poems, Prayers And Promises  Dennis Hicks's site for his skillful art in poetry.

Each of his poems is backed with midi music that matches the feeling of his poems. I highly recommend him.

Lady Eveline's Poems Another good poetry site. Similar done with midi backing the poems. A site for greeting cards, they use one of my songs on an ad page.    

If there is anyone who links to my site that I may have forgotten, please email me and let me know. 


For all you D.D.R. peoples, I'm not a fan but I know who runs the site. 

Sacley is a wonderful manga artist. Her art is of beautiful fantasy scenes. Imagery of music is often featured in her pictures.  But she hasn't been updating lately. 

Philly Japanese / English Meet Up. Vash's blog for Japanese chat locations, links and the like.

 Personal Favorites  A site of funny flash cartoons, fun games, and ripping emails! 

MegaTokyo An online web comic about some Americans that get stuck in Japan. It is done in Japanese manga art style, and I'm afraid you will not truly understand it unless you like anime and rpg gaming.  

Tsunami Channel Another online manga, very cute at times and awesomely drawn! 

Muzie  A Japanese site for Amateur and Independent Japanese musicians.    

The Anime Radio Nook.  An online radio station for anime music.

I love anime soundtrack!  However I don't always like Jpop.  

In Dark Faith Enternal

For cool Gothic, Dark Wave, and Neo-Classical sounds check out this web station

"Visit Yuko Ohigashi Plays Solo Piano"

J.M.C MIDI Compositions 

Beautiful new age music and classical compositions in MIDI format. 

 Music Links

MIDI Go Round brings to the public a variety of OLD tunes that are Public Domain or Originals

Laura's MIDI Heaven A site for Midi composers to place there original music. Many MIDIs and great music artists to listen too.


Resource and Info links.

The piano chords and scale chart is a great learning tool.  


Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival Of Philadelphia


Japanese - Pod 101 Free mp3 lessons for the Japanese Language.


Anime Scores .com  Here one can find some of the sheet music it anime songs. 



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