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All songs are written and played by me. Listen and enjoy.- Rodney A. Brubaker. 

Please do not use on web sites without permission!

Almost Forgotten New!! Yes, this one was really almost forgotten. I had to rediscover the song 3 times. 

Here are some scary organ MIDIs!  

Phantom Fingers.  Scary organ music for the people who are searching for it.

Scary Head Spin  A creepy little song. Organ, strings, and echo effects. Note: May wish to redo this song as a mp3.

Mystical Apprehension  Gothic church organ...scary..   

Discourse A gothic style song. Heavy on the church organ and somewhat scary.

These Creepy Clowns  I wrote this on Halloween  night.

A Sudden Fear More scary music using 3 organs, piano, and drum track.

MIDIs with an Asian sound.

Pedals That Have Falling Once again another sad song. It was was put together very quickly. 

Pedals That Have Falling -Version2 Here I changed it some, think this one's better.

Tears Through Honor  Done in a Traditional Japanese tuning, yet it is somewhat dark in feeling.  Note: May wish to redo as a mp3.

White Lily Another MIDI with an Asian sound. 

Mimic The Swan.  This music is the style played in a performance with my brother, who is a dancer. 

Crane Kata.  More Asian sounds. Slow Japanese flute with koto backing. 

Little Tea Cups   A short Asian style piece.

Shrine Of The Toys  This song made me think of Shinto shrines an Asian dolls.

Of Two Empires I put two little songs I wrote together into one.

The Guardian Stone The song is name for stones that watch over Asian gardens.

Jamming Koto This is me fooling around some what. Often I just jam on my keyboard. This is a recording of it.

Solo Piano MIDIs 

Chasing Butterflies Similar to some of my other stuff, this piano piece has been stuck in my head for awhile now.

Classic Tale Of Love A piano piece that I record in two different ways, I wanted many to save it's cord progression.  

Slowly Passing A short piano piece that's fairly standard of my style. The triplets could be done a better on it.   

Uplift Jam A piano piece that is a touch more high spirited than my normal sound.   

The Pleading A sad piano piece that is a touch dark and whimsical. Note: I have a mp3 version of this song.

Nor'easter  I want to make a song that captured the feeling of falling snow. A nor'easter is a local term  for a snow storm in northeastern United States. 

Play Care Free  Another piece that simply came to me in my favorite key. 

Furnished Rooms I often play in this key, but I tried to add something new to my style in this one.

A Trickle Of Thought A piano piece I've had in my for awhile. I recorded so I wouldn't lose it and started fooling at the end. Yet it came out fairly good. 

A Single Firefly  This is a straight piano waltz. 

Piano Solo Take 1 A Piano piece I've been working on but have yet to name.

A Distant Playing Memory My favorite piece to play, and one of my oldest. Note: Redo this song sometime.


Chimes Of Stains A creepy piece played on bell sounds along with a deep bass drum.

Like Rain Into The Sea This is a MIDI with a Thunderstorm sound backed by music. 

Sandal in the Surf  This is my first try at a Hawaiian sounding MIDI. I hope it's done good enough. 

Dreamy Stare  A short quick song, just to let you all know I still am working on stuff.

The Fanfare of Sir Marn I was playing around with generated drums again and came up with this cool piece of music. Note: May wish to redo as a mp3.      

Teeter-Totter A touch classically, this is another short cute tune.

Sailing In Watercolors Kind of a Irish - Celtic - Seaman's song. Picture a painting of sailboats.  Note: May wish to redo this song as a mp3. 

The Cinder Fairy  I often name my song after I've made them. This made me think of the Cinderella fairytale.  Note: May wish to redo this song as a mp3. 

A Soft Meadow Breeze My metronome wasn't working, that why the timing changes in it.

Early Arcade   It's name comes from  it sounding like an old computer game theme.     

Drifting In Memory  I tried to make this in a ballad like style.

A Wish In The Wind  Another waltz, this one is fairly cute. 

Of Roses And Thorns Is love not like roses and the prickle of thorns.

Shadows Of Innocence I also have a mp3 version of this song. 

A Need For Control  Piano and hard rocking drums with a little cello.

Eternal Child Of The Wind  A pretty piece using flute and harp mainly

Silver Halos This song has become my most popular Midi.

Whimsical Dream Once  used as the background music for the online children's book.

Light and Darkness This is the theme song of my first CD.

Greetings MIDI I wrote this one for my brother's site, but he never used it.

Sea Of Loneliness The mp3 form of this song has cool whale song in it. 

Seven And Swan It's very hard to drum to a song with varied timing.

As Galaxies Part.. A song about old friends. 

A Piece Of Eros   I wrote this in one night!  

Waiting On A Sunny Day A cute, straight up piece.

Sakura's  Sometimes things just come from the heart. Light solos on this one.

Sakura's {Return mix} A new version of my song Sakura's, A test of how it can sound now I that know more. 

Sakura's {Second Return mix} A little change and extended the end some more. 

Twilight Of The Dragonfly From watching dragonflies as the sun was setting. Note: I have a mp3 version of this song.

Damselfly At Twilight  This is a two hand version of Twilight Of The Dragonfly. 

    Gift  A little intro I wrote some time back. Sal, you should like this one! 

Little Tears A cute and yet sad song.

Not So Long Ago One of my oldest songs. As I recorded it, I remembered.

And thought to was not so long ago. No ending. It's meant to be a loop.

Christmas MIDIs 

What Child Is This My version of a traditional Christmas tune.

Angels We Have Heard On High I little creepy version a an old Christmas song.

Little Drummer Boy I use my keyboard to split the instruments that my left and right hands played, thus the cords became the drum sound.

God Rest You Merry Gentlemen-Asian mix  This version of the song was on my computer from me playing it last year!

What Child Is This - 2005 Version It's Christmas Eve, so I took a minute to record a version of my favorite Christmas song.

                        The first thing that went silent was the sky...

 I would like to take the time to thank the artists around the world.

 For you're quick support and use of your music and poems to try and help us all.

  Thank you!  Maybe together we can change the world through our art.

          If only the world will listen, watch and, dream with us.

Rodney A. Brubaker   

Silent Skies  I wrote this today for those who died at the World Trade Center...

    It is how I felt at that time so parts of it are a little disjointed. -9/11/01

Silent Skies-Refection More than two weeks passed...

  I look back with clearer eyes, and have a more complete understanding...

Note: I Also have an mp3 version of this song at my MP3 site 

All songs are Copyright 2000 - 2008 by Rodney A. Brubaker

Please do not use without permission!

If you were or are looking for a particular style and it is not in my list. Ask and I may be able to make it for you.

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