The Journeying Poem

By Rodney A. Brubaker


It remade itself with every verse.

As it sailed another shore.

 To walk this way it was the first

And it became a little more.

 With a step in each direction

 As if there where no walls

 To use at our discretion

And heed unto our calls.

A poem had took a journey

Picking pieces where it may

The poet let it go one night

Will it return some day

I made my way across all time.

 I swam the sea of fate.

Collecting up another Rhyme

An things that they create.

Add unto me and my design.

The part that you have made.

 It's what we are that I define

With input and your aid.

Creativity, by design, The artist's

 last redemption.

 In this way I help mankind.

 Misguided, their deception.


copyright 2001 by Rodney A. Brubaker

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