Frequently Asked Questions                       

Q: Can I use your music on my website?

A: This is the most often asked question. The answer is "Please email me for permission, along with your websites url."  

While I've may have let others use my music on their sites, I'd  liked to know where and how my music is to be used before letting someone use it. 

There are also a few things I ask to be done in order to use my music on a site.     So if you wish is use my music please email me first.    

Q: Can you make a song for a game, video, or website I'm working on?      

A: I have tried to help people from time to time who asked this of me. I will try to meet any such request. BUT!!  I warn, one must be careful asking this of me. I am not very dependable. If you request me to make a special song, then you must know this also. I still hold the rights to all my music and it's use. If it is a MIDI your request then it will most likely be place on my MIDI site as well as giving to you for use.  If it is an MP3 you are request, then do not expect it to be done quickly.  If you don't mine this, and can work up the courage to ask me. I will try to write a new song just for you, that you can freely use.  Understand it is, "TRY". This don't mean, "I will be able to". 

 Now if you're talking about some of these "$$$!"  Well... Over look what I wrote above.  I haven't done music for money yet... However if your truly want something for special use, done well, and just for your use only. Then it will cost you.    

Q: How do I get a hold of you CDs?

A: Sorry, I don't have any CDs at the moment.  I did once... However went away. :(  

I am working on putting a CD together but I don't know when it will be done.  

Q: What kind of system and equipment do you use to make your music? 

A:  As for music keyboards, I use mostly my Roland XP-60. I also have a Casio WK-1800.  However I do most of my composing on my piano. After all one doesn't need to turn a piano on.  It does need tuned every on and then though. Now as for computer stuff.... I have Pentium 4 @ 2.40GHz with 1GB of RAM, two soundcards, a Terratec EWS 88D, and a SoundBlaster Audigy Platinum. The main programs I use are Sonar XL {Sequencer} and GigaStudio 160 {Sampler}. This forms my main studio and work station.  I have other musical odds and ends... But what I listed here, I use the most.           

Q: Why do your MP3s sound better than your MIDIs?

A: Well... Most of my MIDI songs are quick recordings I make so I don't lose the song. The MIDI tunes are to me like sketches are to an artist. I use MIDI as a way to write down and test my ideas for a song. A MP3 recording on the other hand takes about week of work. If I had time or was a professional musician, I'd spend months composing an MP3. 

There are other reason MIDI songs don't as good MP3. One is the MIDI uses sounds from your computers soundcard. The way it sound depends on what soundcard you are using.... I could go on but I think I'll just write in another answer.

Q: What's with writing Japanese music? 

A: I have always been a fan of World & Folk music. I like hearing music sung in other languages and using traditional instruments.. However the music I play is closest to film sound track style. Over the past few years I've really gotten into Japanese anime, mainly because they have some of the best Sci-Fi / Fantasy stories one can find out side of reading books. Animes also have awesome soundtracks! I have been buying and listening to them the most out of all music lately. The soundtracks of Ai yori Aoshi, Someday Dreamer, Ajuna, and especially Haibane-Renmei have had a major influence on me. I really enjoy hearing their awesome mix of sound, Wonderful music!        


Q: Will there be more answered question??

A: Of course! In due time my friends... But time is one thing I often don't take. Even if I have it.

Until then....  TWO!!  

 Updated last: 6/24/04