About The Artist....

 At the top of a steep hill, near a train station in North East Philly....

I live with my family, my Mom, Dad, and Sister, plus one of my four brothers. 

 My family, each one of them is an artist in their own way. 

My Mom makes dream catchers and other forms of crafts.

My Dad plays folk songs on guitar, mandolin, and banjo.

My sister works with plastic canvass and other crafts as well.

  She made the awesome cover for my keyboard.

My younger brother  knows how to dance and do Martial Arts.

He also plays five string electric bass guitar and tunes my dad's musical instruments. 

I am no stranger to art as one can see.

My art is an expression of my soul..

It is what I use on my quest for beauty. 

Through creativity comes art.

Through art comes beauty. 

Beauty is the nature of all souls.

To make true art one must seek beauty in all things.

{Hey wait this isn't philosophy!! Stop writing like that.}

Now where was I......

I enjoy watching Japanese Anime's and spend some of my time trying to learning how to speak nihon go {the Japanese language}

I also read tons of books. {mostly fantasy or sci-fi} Thanks to my sister who started me on reading.   

I listen to many different types of music as well. My two favorites are heavy metal and ambient. {space, new age, or Celtic} I really love the sound of a Celtic harp.     

I can't think of much else to write about me.

WM ",

A quick Samurai drawing I once did.  









Name: Rodney Alan Brubaker

Age: 25

Occupation: Freelance composer, poet, dreamer..

Star Sign {if you really must know...} Cancer


Color: Black

Book: {uncertain but off the top of my head} The Ship Who Searched

Anime:  Card Captor Sakura

Song: Silent Lucidity


Music, Writing, Martial Arts, Reading {Sci-fi or Fantasy mostly.},   Japanese Animation, Manga,  Biking, Animals, Magic The Gathering, Computer Games, Surfing the Net, Dancing, Puppets and Costumes...... 


If you have any thing more you might want know about me. Then please email me and I will try to put my answer up here.

            Me dressed in my pirate gothic style!

























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